Thursday, 10 May 2007

Is this the COMPLETE flower of life?

The incomplete flower of life can be found on several pillars within "The Osirion"(The tomb of Osiris) at Abydos in Egypt.The Osirion is known to be the oldest building in Egypt.World secret societies have made sure,we either ignore the flower or have our attention drawn towards other ancient sites.They have taken great care in keeping the significance of the flower hidden.You wont find the complete flower on any Drunvalo site!If you contemplate the complete flower it will open a part of the mind which has been lost (hidden) to modern man.

The window into reality

The last bit of the jigsaw required to conjure the dragon!

The complete flower of life (computer generated)

The sacred symbols of all world secret societies(east and west) can be found within the complete flower.

Is this freemasonry,s ultimate secret?

Could it be,world secret societies have kept this symbol hidden from the rest humanity, since the dawn of time?

The complete flower / second angle (Hand drawn)

Is this symbol the origin of "The Star of David"!?

The complete flower of life (second angle)

Is this a window to the spiritual realm?

The incomplete flower (Found all over the ancient world)